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Combining science and folklore for health, this blog features practical cures, medicinal herbs, healing foods, natural homemade cosmetics, alternative therapies, and lifestyle changes–hundreds of ways to boost your health naturally.  However, this is not a replacement to a professional medical treatment that you are undertaking or plan to do so. Natural Remedy Club covers topics ranging from the familiar to the new and promising: from mint tea for a stomachache to onion juice for your hair thickness, from adding turmeric to fight arthritis to practicing skin therapy at home.  This is what we call our grandmothers wisdom on the path to optimal health. Photographs, recipes, cautions, and quick tips on the page after page make this both a handy look-up reference and a fascinating browse to keep close at hand for years to come.

Our forefathers lived an amazing life as they used natural home remedies. Their way of life was natural and their love for nature initiated the journey of natural remedy for health. If you are interested in reliable natural remedies, holistic remedies, and other aspects of natural living, then Natural Remedy Club is the perfect platform for you. We, at, Natural Remedy Club offers information on natural ways of healthy living.

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